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Thursday, 13 December 2007

Off-campus access to electronic library resources

If you need to do research for essays and assignments whilst away from the University campus this Christmas vacation, you can still access the Library’s wide range of electronic resources from off-campus (even if you’re spending Christmas in New Zealand!). These resources include the databases and electronic journals you can access on-campus.

All you need is the following:
• An internet connection
• Your ordinary username and password, used to log into the student portal
• The Library website web address –

It is important that if you’re searching for electronic journals and other resources when off-campus, you do so via the links on the Library’s website. This is because these links are unique to the University, and identify you as a member of the University to the journal and database providers. If you just follow a link from Google or another search engine, the providers have no way of knowing that you belong to the University, and therefore may not grant you access.

When you follow a link to an electronic journal from the Library catalogue or the Electronic Library web pages from off-campus, you will be asked to log into something called EZProxy – all you need for this is your ordinary username and password. This will work for the vast majority of our electronic resources. In the small number of cases where this is not the case, fuller details are given on the Library website – look for the “Off-campus access” link on the Electronic Library web page.

If you’d like to access other applications, and the files on your M drive, then you can use the Windows Terminal Service. Software applications will run on a University server but appear as if they are running on your own PC. You can then access the Library’s electronic resources exactly as if on campus.

To do this, login to the WTS from using your MWS username and password and then select Internet
(For more information on using this service go to

Have a great Christmas.
Faculty of Arts Library Team


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