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Wednesday, 20 December 2006

OPAC enhancements

'My Record Feeds' is an enhancement to the suite of OPAC features we introduced in the summer as 'Your Library Record'. It allows users to subscribe to RSS news feeds from their Library record in the same way that you subscribe to feeds from the BBC or newspaper sites. Our feeds provide timely information to users when any of the following events

- Materials ready for pickup on hold shelf
- Materials due soon (i.e. in the next seven days)
- Materials due today
- Materials overdue
- Materials booked tomorrow
- Materials recalled
- New fines or fees (incurred in the last 24 hours)

Subscribe to My Record Feeds by clicking on the link in Your Library Record. If your browser does not support Live Bookmarks, copy the URL from the link in your record (right-click > copy shortcut) and paste it into a feed reader, such as Bloglines ( ).
Once you have subscribed, your feed will appear as Your Library Record News in your browser or feed reader. Your news feed will then be updated as soon as any of the above events occur in your record. The feed contains a title and a link, eg. Materials ready for pickup on hold shelf. The link takes you directly to the relevant section of Your Library Record to see the full details. You will be asked to log in to Your Library Record at this point, if you have not already done so.
N.B. My Record Feeds cannot be accessed via the OPAC terminals - you need a normal internet browser to subscribe to or view your feeds.


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